New Video Tinashe – Superlove

Tinashe gives us some of that 2000s realness in the new Hannah Lux Davis-directed video for her latest smash single, Superlove.  Keeping with the summer vibes of the summertime record, the on the verge of superstardom R&B/Pop singer/songwriter really brings the record to life with the Baywatch-inspired clip, which finds Tinashe and her own Bae Watch headed to the beach in Malibu as on call lifeguards.  That isn’t all they do though, as the Cali native also manages to save a few lives, as well as her and her crew showing off some of their very amazing choreographed dance moves on the beach too.  Thus showing why Tinashe and her fellow Los Angeles native Mila J are among the best all-around entertainers out right now from their singing to their dance moves, visuals and everything in between.  You can watch Tinashe and her girls give us all of their Superlove or rather their own episode of “Bae Watch” below.

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