Chloe x Halle Drop Very Beautiful New Video, Happy Without You feat. Joey Bada$$

There’s been a lot of great R&B/Soul albums that have dropped not only this year, but the last few years.  One of the more underrated and somehow still truly underappreciated ones is Chloe x Halle with their debut album, The Kids Are Alright, which they released back in March of this year.  The young duo signed to Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment showing how bright the future of R&B/Soul is.  Earlier today they decided to premiere the very glittery and amazing new video for one of the more standout records from the album, Happy Without You feat. Joey Bada$$.  The new visual criss-crossing between color and black-and-white, but mostly black-and-white doesn’t have Joey in it, but still has his verse and sees Chloe x Halle still deliver a very amazing video, which sees them oceanside and showing their amazing talent shining in all their glittery glory.  Their amazing unique and angelic voices shining throughout and showing how uniquely talented the young duo of twin sisters truly is.