New KXNG CROOKED – #AXLROSE feat. Truth Ali, Erik Tandy & The Reasn

After a somewhat long hiatus, Slaughterhouse & C.O.B. rep KXNG CROOKED has hit us with quite a few new tracks these past few weeks and this Monday he once again hits us with another new one in #AXLROSE.  Named after the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, the track is a flip of the groups 1988 controversial record, One In A Million.  Over the feel-good guitars, keys and very live instrumental co-production of Jonathan Hay and Ajami, this record finds the Long Beach emcee, along with Truth Ali, Erik Tandy and The Reasn giving their own socially conscious response to one of the harshest lines of the song, “Police and ni***rs, get out of my way. Don’t need to buy none of your gold chains today.”  As Crook and company give their own experiences in lyrical form of what they think they might do when faced with the experiences of police brutality and people looking down on them cause of their skin color they have their whole lives.  This record really makes you realize a lot of the social injustices a lot of rappers and blacks still face today and how much of an influence all of N.W.A. had and still has on the records like this that emcees like KXNG CROOKED, Killer Mike, Mikkey Halsted and Run The Jewels still deliver today.  It also shows why bar-for-bar the Slaughterhouse emcee is arguably the best emcee alive right now.  The track can be listened to below.