New Video Janet Jackson – No Sleep feat. J. Cole

Pop icon Janet Jackson surprised her fans for the second time this week yesterday, as she released the new video for the album version of her comeback single, No Sleep featuring J. Cole. After previously releasing a solo version, Janet surprisingly released the new album version of the single earlier in the week. Set in an apartment where it’s raining outside, the Dave Meyers-directed visuals show even at age 49, the musical icon hasn’t lost a step as she struts a hip sway and shoulder shrug throughout parts of the clip and coos the sultry lyrics in a stunning all black ensemble, that make her look very stunning and way younger than her actual age. The video also finds Janet even fitting in a tribute to her late brother Michael by doing some slow hip sways to the rhythm of the track up a stone staircase, where donning a wide brimmed fedora, she flicks the hat up with a classic Jackson hand gesture and a quick nod of her head, which is very similar to Michael’s 1982 smash hit Billie Jean. There is even the almost mandatory part of the visual where Janet is seen asleep in her bed, before waking up to Cole rapping his verse. There is also many other great parts of the video that really bring the record to life, which I don’t want to give away cause they would give away the whole video watching experience. With all that said you can watch the very amazing first music video (below) from Janet in seven years and be sure to pick up her first album in that same span, when her as yet untitled comeback album drops in late Sept.

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