Wu-Tang Clan Has A Better Tomorrow, As RZA and Raekwon Make Peace!

(Photo Courtesy of Karl Walter/Getty Images)

Some good news for fans of early 90’s Hip-Hop supergroup Wu-Tang Clan came today, as the group announced that group members RZA and Raekwon have come to a truce with The Chef finally set to finish recording his verses for the Clan’s upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow.

Originally set to be released last year in celebration of the group’s 20th Anniversary of their debut album, 36 Chambers, the album still hasn’t come out to date because group member Raekwon voiced his displeasure to Clan leader RZA about the direction of the album and said he was on strike from the group. The two went back and forth in interviews over the past few months on how Raekwon was the only member who wouldn’t record his verses for the Clan’s possible final album together with RZA saying despite his ill will towards the album he wanted The Chef to be a part of the project and if he wasn’t going to that the project was in jeopardy of not coming out at all.

While fans of the Clan can now breath a sigh of relief as earlier today on the group’s official website, a note was left that Raekwon and RZA where finally set to hit the studio again in the coming days to possibly finish the Clan’s, A Better Tomorrow and the two reached a truce to do so with more details to come in the near future.

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