iPad game puts cats and humans in the first inter-species game

Cats have loved the iPad since its inception, with multiple videos of felines chasing images on the iPad’s screen appearing on YouTube within hours of its release. Since then a few games have been released for cats only, but on Sunday night at SXSW Interactive in Austin, cat food company Friskies unveiled what they call the world’s first inter-species game: “You vs. Cat.”

The game is easy enough. You start at one of the screen, slinging a piece of animated cat food onto the game board. You then try to flick the “game piece” across the board and into a goal before your cat stops you by putting his paw onto the piece. Think of it as air hockey with you against the cat.

Sound easy? It’s not. Friskies flew what it said is the game’s world champion, Buddy the Cat, into SXSW for the event. There is a global Cats vs. Human’s leaderboard that displays which species is currently winning the war.

At the time of SXSW, cats were beating humans, 2,091 to 1,250.

Friskies has a whole series of cat games for the iPad. Sadly, for Android tablet owners, only one of them is for Android tablets.

The free game will be released later this week. Watch a video of Friskies’ earlier games in the sidebar.

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