Confirmed: Lil Wayne Wore Women’s Jeggings At The VMAs

Via Complex:

You all saw what Weezy wore at the VMAs, right? LET’S TALK ABOUT THOSE PANTS. The leopard print jeans were so crazy (and so tight) that it has everyone talking. Not because they’re stylish, but because they’re AWESOMELY HORRIBLE. There’s even a Lil Wayne Jeggings Twitter. Well, we found out what he was wearing and they are WOMEN’S JEGGINGS! WOMEN’SJEGGINGS. The brand loved by punk rockers everywhere, Tripp NYC, has confirmed on their Facebook page that the YMCMB rapper was indeed wearing their pants. You can buy them here for $44. Just make sure to get a very very large size so that you can sag in those tight ass jeans, just like Wayne. Don’t blame us if people laugh at you. – Via Complex

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