Did Apple Tamper With Evidence In Its Case Against Samsung?


Earlier this month Apple won an injunction against Samsung in German courts, thereby preventing the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in much of the UK. A devastating blow to Samsung right? Not so fast though. It’s appears some tomfoolery may have been afoot(allegedly).

According to Dutch News website WebWereld.nl, Apple may have doctored the evidence used in its case against Samsung. In German courts, when it pertains to patent cases, only the prosecuting side need be present in court to get an injunction against the other side. Samsung didn’t even know they were barred from selling its tablet in the UK until the day after the ruling. A ruling, they do intend on appealing.

If this true, and Apple has in fact doctored its evidence against Samsung and if on appeal, that is found out to be the case, everyone’s favorite rotten apple logo, patent troll tech company could be in for a world of trouble. Apple has even stooped so far as to PhotoShop the Samsung logo off of the front of the Galaxy Tab in the pictures. They also, when showing the Galaxy Tab side by side with the iPad, show the Tab’s home screen with the app drawer open, so as to make it appear to be a copy of the iPad(Allegedly). The site is in Dutch folks, so you’ll have to use Google Translate to get a translation to english or your preferred language. The images, however, can be seen sans wording here.

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