Evo View 4G Tablet also being released on the 24th?


It’s seems that June 24th is shaping up to be a day of days. Not only is the sequel to Sprint‘s highly successful Evo 4G, The Evo 3D, set to rock us on that day, but it appears that this beast of a handset is going to have some pretty powerful company.

Internal documents from Sprint show that Sprint’s variant on the HTC Flyer tablet, the HTC Evo View will also be showing its pretty face on the same day. Touted as being one of the tablets, along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, to truly give Apple‘s wildly successful iPad a run for its money, the Evo View’s main draw is its HTC Scribe technology that makes this tablet very artist friendly. Of course, you have to spend an additional $80 for the Stylus to make use of this wonderful tech, but who’s complaining?

Looks like June 24th may be a very expensive day for me indeed. Anyone else joining in on the fun?

*Thanks to the folks at Engadget for the photo*.

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