Woman sues Google after Google Maps gets her into an accident

Google is being sued by a woman from California who claims she was hit by a car in Utah while following directions provided by Google Maps, her phiadelphia pa car accident attorneys are doing their best to get her justice.

Lauren Rosenberg claims that Google should not have given her directions that including walking along a rural road. The road did not have sidewalks and pedestrian paths. Little did she know about what does a slip and fall lawyer do when confronted with such cases, because some other sources reported that she got nothing out of her claim.

Lipcon & Lipcon, Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami recaps that Rosenberg claims she has over $100, 000 in medical bills from the accident. While she was walking on the instructed route, following directions on her cell phone from Google Maps, Lauren was hit by a car driven by Patrick Harwood of Park City, Utah.

Rosenberg claims the road that she was instructed by Google Maps to walk on “exhibits motor vehicles at high speed” and “is not reasonably safe for pedestrians.”

Aside from suing the driver of the car who hit her, Rosenberg filed suit against Google for the cost of her medical bills plus loss of earnings and punitive damages.The suit was filed in the US District Court, District of Utah, Central Division by personal injury lawyers from The Accident Network Law Group.

Rosenberg may have a good case against Google Maps since the only warnings that are visible in their walking directions are available when accessed on a PC. The warning, which states “Walking directions are in beta. Use caution — This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths” are not visible on cell phones, smartphones and PDAs.

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