I first heard about Curtis Cross, better known as Black Milk, when he was featured in the December 2008 issue of XXL. On 4/20 YM and Jugrnaut put on his show at Reggie’s Rock Club, which brought a relatively large crowd for a Wednesday night (somewhat due to the awesome host of the evening-@awdazcate). 🙂 Black Milk’s most recent album, humorously titled Album of the Year, was the primary focus in Black Milk’s set. Its sound has a slightly different feel then his four previous solo albums. The electronic elements are more toned down leaving room for his lyrical prowess and the refreshing sounds of a live band. He had a wonderful stage presence I mostly attribute to the fact that he was primarily a producer.

Considering he has been on the scene for almost 12 years, Black Milk has not turned sour. He knows his audience and gives them what they want without loosing sight of his own voice. I feel the overall consensus was a positive one. @FerrariBacardi says  “Black Milk fused well with his band to create an intense and dope performance” and I couldn’t agree more. Unlike many artists who don’t mesh well with their live bands or disappear in the mix, Black truly blends well with his band, which provides a profoundly powerful aesthetic. I look forward to Black Milk’s movement in the industry and am glad he is getting the recognition to which he is so richly entitled.


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