Simple Sta by BAPE

This Simple Sta from BAPE is known to be a hybrid shoe which mixes the looks and appeal of various BAPE silhouettes. Even though BAPE has been known for their ever original designs, this Japanese streetwear company is most popular for its premium materials that come in utmost level of quality.

Recently, the summer 2010 lineup of BAPE Crape was introduced. Now, some BAPE stores have already gotten the BAPE Simple Sta. This has an upper that would remind you greatly of the Red Wing workboot that many have praised much too. Nike Air Force 1 also has some major influence on the design of this shoe.

It has thick hiking boot lace with a rugged touch of finish to what would appear like high quality leather. Its colors and materials also have two leather pairs that are available in burgundy and black along with a brown suede set. It has an off white midsole for all three uppers.

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