BP Buys Google ‘Oil’ Search Terms to Redirect Users to Official Company Website


BP’s latest effort to win our hearts is to buy your clicks. By buying your clicks, BP controls where your mind goes. BP controls your thought process. By buying your clicks, BP “directs” your attention to their public relations campaign, born from the dollars that in part caused this man-made, man-driven disaster.

BP is investing about $10,500 per day to purchase top search status on numerous word searches. This controls where your mind goes, because it takes searches for truth, accuracy, and honesty about the Gulf oil spill, and honest searches about the consequences of the disaster, and funnels all of them into a BP public relations campaign costing BP billions.

BP is fighting for its corporate life, because it sees, and it can calculate the damage its caused, and it could become overwhelming. BP must try to save its oily skin through PR, but its image resembles the serpent of evil, on a dark and cloudy, dusky eve.

BP must purchase all the Google and Yahoo searches it can afford, because no matter how much TV time they buy, or how much radio time they buy, or how many clicks on Google they buy, they can’t wipe out the pitiful images of our national natural resources fowled in the name of government and corporate greed.

$10K a day is nothing for BP, who will eventually pay billions of dollars for the cleanup. But to those who are losing their livelihoods because of the oil poisoning everything that it comes in contact with, it’s something. That’s what critics like Louisiana’s Governor, Bobby Jindal are saying, “Instead of BP shelling out $50 million on an ad campaign that promises to do good work in responding to this spill, BP should just focus on actually doing a good job and spend the $50 million on assistance to our people, our industries and our communities that are suffering as a result of this ongoing spill.”

BP stands for British Petroleum, but in the case of the Congress of the United States of America, BP may stand for “Bi” “Partisan.”

BP is easy to hate. As Congress reconvenes tomorrow, BP may stand for one of the first things members from both parties may agree on. BP sucked every bit of value it could out of the Gulf, and on top of that they sucked at doing it. Consequently BP’s suckiness, is causing a multi-billion dollar catastrophe and the feds blew it again. Now it’s time to figure out a way to stop this and future disasters from occurring.

Over the last couple days, it’s like, “Oh no, the oil’s on the beaches in Florida!?!”

Surprise, surprise!

Action means doing something. Action means taking steps to anticipate that the oil, whether it’s 100K barrels or 100M barrels, is going to flow to the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida shores and beyond. It’s no surprise, it’s simply incompetence to think otherwise and do nothing.

This black oily nightmare is far from over. Let’s just hope we haven’t “only just begun.”