Vizio to Unveil Tablet, Cellphone With Same Strategy as Its Low-Cost TVs

Vizio chief sales officer Randy Waynick appeared in a Rose Bowl halftime ad yesterday, and teased a tablet PC. The assumption was that it was an Android tablet, although it wasn’t confirmed, but now a report in the Wall Street Journal points directly at Google’s platform.

Aside from the platform, not much information was given in the WSJ’s report, except that both a smartphone and tablet will arrive in the summer. The smartphone will have a 4-inch screen, and will be called the Via Phone, while the 8-inch tablet will be called the Via Tablet. More information will likely be divulged at a Monday press conference planned by Vizio, ahead of CES.

Vizio also plans to announce a lineup of 3DTV sets at CES, with pricing starting at less than $300. You can watch the Vizio Rose Bowl ad in the sidebar.

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