Google aiming for your television next [Video]

Google announced on Thursday, at its annual Google I/O conference, Google TV. The Google TV will use the company’s Android platform, and will combine traditional television with Internet video.

Why the combination of TV with the Web? Well, as Google sees it, entertainment via the Web is fast and easy to find, just a search away. Why not combine TV with the Web to make finding content easier. As the company said, “video should be consumed on the biggest, best, and brightest screen in your house, and that’s the TV.”

As in our earlier report, Google is working with Intel, Logitech, Dish Network and Sony on the project. Sony is obviously making the sets, Intel supplying the CPUs, and Logitech the remotes and set-top boxes. The devices will go on sale this fall, and will be available at Best Buy stores nationwide.

The big challenges will be convincing other TV manufacturers to join in, as well as convincing consumers to buy. Not only will Google TV devices be entering stores, but so will 3DTVs. Some, like ourselves, might wait for their current TV to blow a circuit before buying, or at least wait for the first 3D Google TV.

Watch a video on Google TV.

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