iPhone 4G Launching on Verizon on June 21st

Just mention iPhone 4G and everyone’s ears perk up. When is it coming is the burning question. Well, Techchee believes Verizon plans to release this eagerly anticipated phone on June 21st. As we’ve heard in the news recently, there have been a number of prototypes showing up whether they’re real or not.

Techchee’s Ketyung relates, “The rumor also claims that an order for 10 million CMDA Apple iPhone units has been made and they could be headed to Verizon. But it’s known that there is a 5-year deal between AT&T and Apple which started in 2007 and will run till 2012, having iPhone to go to AT&T. Unless Apple manages to get out the deal with AT&T then Verizon will have the chance to take charge of iPhone this time. But anyway, all these are just rumors. Th next couple of weeks should have much clearer information.”

According to Geeky Gadgets:

The guys over at Digitimes are reporting that the specifications on the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, or whatever Apple decide to call it will be, an ARM Cortex A* processor, which would tie in with the photos we have seen of an Apple processor inside a dissected iPhone prototype.

There will apparently also be 512MB of memory, which will be provided by Samsung, and it seems the display may feature a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels, plus a larger battery which will give more capacity than the current 3GS.
Of course these specifications are unconfirmed by Apple as yet, so we can take them with a pinch of salt, although we suspect the processor will be the same or very similar.

It won’t be long now until Apple unveils the next generation iPhone, and we can end all this speculation and see exactly what is inside the iPhone 4G.

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