SNL Presidents: A humorous view of financial reform [Video]

Presidents Web Video

The website brought all of the past presidents together Wednesday for a hilarious presidential summit with a twist.

The presidents are played by comedians from “Saturday Night Live” who have portrayed U.S. presidents in the past.

The video went viral as soon as it was released. No doubt it’s going to become a classic with the all-star cast of comedians in the five and one-half minute video.

The cast of the presidential summit on the Funny or Die site includes Will Ferrell as President George W. Bush, Darrell Hammond as President Bill Clinton, Dana Carvey as President George H.W. Bush, Dan Aykroyd plays President Jimmy Carter and Chevy Chase returns as President Gerald Ford.

The only comedian who isn’t a veteran SNL regular is Jim Carrey who appears as Ronald Reagan. He takes the place of “SNL” funny-man, Phil Hartman, who typically played Reagan on the show. Hartman died in 1998.

Of course, there’s a reason behind this video and it’s not just a reunion of SNL cast members. Directed by Ron Howard, the video is made in association with Americans for Financial Reform, a pro-regulation coalition of labor and consumer activists.

The video is funny and brings up the topic of financial reform with levity. A serious topic that is presented in a way that provokes both laughter and thought … something that politicians seems to do on their own without big name comedians.

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