Beanie Sigel Officially Signed To G-Unit?


It seems as if the tables have turned.  This time in favor of Beanie Sigel

According to the latest industry buzz all over the internet and twitter, during a joint interview on Philadelphia’s Power 99 radio station, 50 Cent announced that Sigel will soon be signing with his G-Unit Record label.

This comes shortly after ‘The Broad Street Bully’ released the diss record directed towards, his once comrad, Jay-Z. (Listen Here)

“It’s B. Sig in the place with Young Free
And I got what it takes to rock the mic right
Still watch what you say out your mouth
Cause 50 shots still will turn the club out” -Beanie Sigel

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Sigel continued to talk about his issues with Jay, stating how Jay wouldn’t let Sigel off the label so that he could join G-Unit a few years back.

Earlier today, 50 confirmed Sigels statements saying, “Beans was the better artist out of the actual crew, the stronger artist. That’s why when he did the year and a day, I was like “as soon as he comes home, I’m bringing that project over here.” He would of got at least $800,000. Jay was telling him he didn’t want to lose him.”

This could be a great move for both Beans and 50 Cent.  Let’s see how Jay responds to this one.


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