Republicans: “Hoffman lacks integrity to be elected to anything”


Only two weeks ago a Republican party spokesman said Doug Hoffman “lacked the integrity and qualities to be elected to anything much less Congress”. Now in a brazen display of hypocrisy and showing why they are a minority party that most Americans dont trust, the national Republican party is backing the man they said “lacked the integrity to be elected to anything:” after conservatives forced out pro choice and pro gay rights Republican Dede Scozzafava.

Scozzafava had been the choice of the local Republican party to run for the seat in the 23rd district, a seat that has been Republican for decades. And the national Republican party had nothing but bad things to say about him.

But conservatives around the country,the most prominent being Sarah Palin, stuck their noses into local party politics, outraged over Scozzafava’s pro gay rights and pro choice stance and decided she had no place in Republican politics. Their pressure and support of Hoffman, forced her to drop out of the race, and now the same Republicans who said Doug Hoffman didn’t have the integrity to be elected to anything are now supporting him for congress.

Sean Hannity, doing his usual dishonest reporting for Fox News has claimed that the reason Scozzafava dropped out was because “nobdy wanted to vote for her”. Hannity, who, like most conservatives, has a history of running from the truth the way a vampire runs from a crucifix, has revealed the true mindset of conservative thinking — if you dont think the way we do, and if you dont vote the way we want you to, youre a nobody even if youre a Republican. It’s safe to say that Hannity’s claim that “nobody wanted to vote for her” is what you would expect — a lie. And it isnt much different than the national Republican party now supporting a man they said had no integrity and no qualifications.

In its own way, Republican handling of this election and comments from people like Hannity is more reflective of Republican party politics and conservative thinkin and does more damage to Republicans than anything a political opponent could say.

RedState’s Erick Erickson, a Hoffman supporter, conservative and someone who was out to get Scozzafava for her moderate views from the outset, sounded like a fascist when he wrote:

” We should demand accountability, we should demand a reckoning, and we should demand a purge from the party establishment of those people most responsible for the Republican disaster in N.Y. 23.”

According to Erickson, regardless of who wins the election, “if Scozzafava loses its a victory”. So, as is typical of conservatives, the election in the 23rd district is not about what they are for, but what they are against.

If the Democrat should win in New York, the only people liable to be purged from the Republican Party will be people like Erickson and other like minded conservatives who engineered the defeat. And even if Hoffman wins a seat that has been Republican for decades, the conservatives who forced Scozzafava to drop out can be nothing but a liability for the Republicans in 2010 since they are willing to support, according to the national Republican party anyone with the same lack of integrity and qualities the party saw in Hoffman as long as its someone who tows their line.

That is already putting smug smiles on the faces of Democrats around the country. Smiles that will get a lot wider if Owens wins the seat.

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