T-Pain Apologizes To Jay-Z (Successful Remix)


“Alright, so let’s talk about this Jay sh*t
Somedays I wish that I ain’t never say sh*t
And Diddy said, ain’t no excuse for what I did
But I felt like he was knocking the same sh*t that feeds my kids
I do music cause I need it to make my world spin
So when you down it, it’s like you dissin’ my girlfriend
And Jay one of the only niggas I hear bringin’ it
So I didn’t think that he would even entertain the shit
Cause entertainment is see through
But if you really feel like I’m dead, then nigga me too
I ain’t tryna write you’re rhymes
But you coulda skipped one DJ and all you had to say was ‘T-Pain, we cool’
But by all means don’t take this as a diss or hatin’
I just wanna explain my side of the situation
So if you knew just how much respect that I had
You’d know that I’m a real ni*ga when I say, my bad.”

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