Jay-Z Brings Oprah To Marcy Projects in Brooklyn.


Jay-Z brought Oprah Winfrey to Marcy; his old neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.  Jay & O were chillin’ in Bed Stuy on Lexington Ave. & Lewis Ave.. Jay-Z’s block before moving to Marcy Projects; but they also chilled in Marcy Projects. The rumor is that Oprah was filming for an upcoming show that Jay will be featured on and Jay was showing her where he came up; Allegedly they were joined by RIhanna also.

Oprah’s interviewing rappers for real now? Not just criticizing them? I guess Obama really did bring some change…

Obviously, Oprah has clout. She goes places for a reason and anything she’s a part of, turns rocks to gold. In 2009, there’s only ONE person who can bring her there and have her smiling: HOV.