Reverse Racism: Is The White Man Under Attack?

I enjoy the Rachel Maddow show because it on many occasions lets people make fools of themselves rather than have a egotistical host attack them and thus place then in the victimized position. On a recent episode Rachel spoke with conservative writer/commenter Pat Buchanan. On the table was the validity of Sonia Maria Sotomayor. It’s been a consistent barrage of racially laced statements, accusations and insults that have been thrown at the soon to be Supreme Court Justice from the Republican base, but here Mr. Buchanan takes an interesting but rather direct stance. Claiming Sotomayor is no more than a political affirmative action placement by president Obama, Pat seems to express this as an attempt to add more color to the White House and continue to destabilize the power network that has been in place since this nation’s birth. As he states, “white men built this country” and the “the white man is the target of reverse racism through affirmative action”. Now let’s just over look the slavery aspect and the Native Americans stolen land for a moment, doesn’t it seem a little disingenuous to be hearing the cries of the oppressed white man in America? Pat is going hard for the idea that a majority within a field must represent those that do it best. He makes this case with very poor sports analogy in with Pat likens whites and blacks playing hockey and running track respectively to the near 100% appointment of America’s previous Supreme Court justices. Nice move using sports which is one of the few fields minorities actually get some degree of fair representation……well that’s if you only speak on the actual players because we know who’s still signing those checks.

Technically no person’s advancement should factor in race. It should always be based on merit. But we’re human and we don’t act as things technically should be. We have feelings, beliefs and ideals, some of which are at the expense of others. Pat does seem to be dating himself but hey no likes seeing his fellow man lose and that seems to be what this is about. Power is in flux in this nation. While there is significant progress, we are not far enough removed from white sheets and police racial assaults to just call things even. Those that once served are making their way to the head of the table and its scaring the hell out of people.

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