Do We Still Have What it Takes?

This Saturday America celebrates its independence with the usual mixture of fireworks, bbq’s and sports events. This is also the first 4th of July under a black President, Barack Obama. And while I’m sure the media will do its thing to make this some sort of extra special factor, I can’t help but look across the ocean to the political turmoil and unrest that has gripped the people in Iran. Cries of injustice and disenchantment have been met with arrogant presidential comments from now, confirmed election winner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And worse yet are the acts of violence both seen and unseen that have been the most prominent reply to the voice of the people. It’s hard to say what change if any will come of this. No major shifts in the way a land and a people live ever occur without the loss of life. Iranians seem ready to pay this price. But I can’t help but wonder, are we ready?

In the midst of President Obama’s election there have been any numbers of detractors of conspiracy theorists that have warned of the coming destruction of our freedoms. Socialism, Communism, etc,etc…… but the idea is that life isn’t going to be full of as many liberties as we currently enjoy. Now should such a fate start to take shape. What would we do? As a nation that blogs its frustrations, tweets it’s discontent and mass emails online petitions, do we still have the “leg strength” to get out and fight for anything. When push comes to shove have the freedoms that we enjoy made us soft and incapable of the rallies and movements of decades past?

Fortunately, during the recent Presidential election, we saw that when inspired, the present day youth can mobilize itself and act en masse’ but then again there was no imminent threat of danger let alone death to give anyone a second thought. Either you were active or you weren’t but you know you lived to see another day. Just how many people would have been pushing change if the strong possibility of death was put before them? So, while enjoying the down time of another holiday, take a moment to ask yourself, just how far would you do to maintain your freedom? And tip your hat to those that did go all the way for it and those that are doing just that right now.

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