Chris Brown’s Public Apology

So, is his public apology too little too late?

There have been many celebrities who have made and continue to make decisions that could potentially destroy their images and careers.

Many of these celebrities have made it a point to apologize to the public and mainly to their fans, whether sincere or not. It is understandable that it could be dangerous to speak to the public against lawyers’ orders, but as public figures with so many on-lookers (fans or not), there is an expectation of even a slight explanation/apology.

Without a doubt, Chris Brown still has a dedicated fan base which will continue to support him regardless of his actions, but he has also gained the attention of many critics who believe that he should no longer be honored with stage performances and highlights during award shows.

Chris Brown has done a lot of damage to his career, but can he make a come-back and how long will it take for him to regain his esteem? R. Kelly came back after the allegations and incriminating video, but his career has not been the same since. The late great Michael Jackson suffered from the allegations he faced during the later years of his career, but his public address warmed the hearts of his fans and allowed them to remain faithful. Does Chris Brown have such a clout?

With Chris Brown being such a young and new performer, it seems it will take more than one public apology for him to regain the confidence of his peers, former fans, and general public.

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