Soulja Boy Cranks Out Iphone Remix App

He might not be the most talented rapper in my opinion, but I gotta give it up to Soulja Boy for being a trendsetter when it comes to the business side of things.

This morning, iTunes started selling the Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em Romplr, an iPhone application that allows people to remix their favorite Soulja Boy songs, including “Crank That” and “Turn My Swag On.” Unlike more professional music-mixing apps, such as Fingerbeat, the Romplr is designed for everyday hip-hop fans: There are only 14 buttons, all clearly labeled (drums = backbeat, microphone = vocals), and you tap them to switch up the sound. When you’re done, you can share your mixes via Facebook Connect, email, or, the app’s music companion site.

You can read the full article on Fast Company.

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