Is Ma$e Following in The Footsteps of Diddy? (New Music-Trey Songz feat. Ma$e)

On Friday, during an interview with “The Prince of New York” DJ Self of Power 105.1, former Bad Boy artist Mase aired a remix to Drake’s ‘Best I Ever Had’.  This is his first release since 2005.  Mase also said that the inspiration behind his comeback after such a long time, was Michael Jackson’s death.

“Mike passed away and it just lit the fire in me — it made me go in the studio and do something. I’m excited,” the Harlem-born rapper said. “I asked my nephew who is the hottest thing out there and he said, Drake!” When I listened to his music I said, “I’m going to jump on this joint.”

When he was asked if his fans should consider this his official comeback, Mase said, “I’ve got things up my sleeves, I just need someone to play them.” But I guess it’s safe to say, that the answer is a ‘yes’ since he is  releasing a new remix to top songs every week.  Remixes-all up on other peoples hit singles? Diddy taught him well.  It took the Lox ten years to sever ties with Diddy.  Hopefully it wont take that long for Mase.  

Speaking of Diddy, while at Power 105, he also gave a shout-out to Diddy, Jim Jones and Cam’ron. This led to an on-air phone call from Jimmy himself, during which he apologized to Mase “for anything I ever did when I was younger. I tip my hat to you. This is monumental and it’s nothing but love.”

Shortly before he released his album “Double Up” in 1999 he announced that he was retiring from music. He told Funkmaster Flex during in interview that he was going to follow god.  He became a pastor, but five years later he popped up again, in 2004, with the album “Welcome Back,” released on Bad Boy.

In 2005, sans Bad Boy, Mase had something going on with G-Unit, but nothing more than a mixtape came out of that ordeal. To date, Mase’s biggest-selling album remains his debut, “Harlem World,” with 3.3 million units sold.  Let’s see if his next album can beat that.

Oh, and did anyone else notice the trend-every five years, he tries to make a comeback. So, I’m guessing after he releases an album this year, he will be going on another hiatus ’til 2014?

Listen/Download Here: I Need A Girl Remix- Trey Songz feat. Ma$e