2012 Presidental Debate: The Day After

Much of the initial reactions to last night Presidential debate were claims of victory across the board for Mitt Romney with many Obama supporters left scratching their heads at the Presidents incredibly pa...
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Michelle Obama Helps Raise $400,000 for Democrats

First Lady Michelle Obama returned to her hometown Chicago Wednesday to help raise nearly $400,000 for the state’s Democratic congressional candidates and to cast her early votes for the Democrat seeking to fill her husband’s former Senate seat. “I’m thrilled to be back in my hometown, Chicago,” she told a crowd of 200 donors at Chicago’s University Club attending a fundraiser for Democrat Alexi Giannoulias. “I get to sleep in my own bed tonight.” Giannoulias is vying for President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat, which is currently occupied by Sen. Roland Burris. Burris, who was appointed by controversial ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, opted not to run for a full term in 2010. Michelle Obama’s swing through Illinois as part of the Democrats' "Blue Illinois 2010" push was her first day on the first real aggressive campaign/fundraising tour she’s been on in the White House. “This is my first day out on the campaign trail,” she said. “This is not something I do very often.”
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Do We Still Have What it Takes?

This Saturday America celebrates its independence with the usual mixture of fireworks, bbq's and sports events. This is also the first 4th of July under a black President, Barack Obama. And while I'm sure ...
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How Should Elections Be Decided in the Future?

Politics has been very serious with the Corruption of Blagojevich and the long election. Allen-Ritchey Productions gives us a Skit on how future elections should be decided. Showtime at the Apollo-style!! Sta...