O.J. Simpson sentenced Today…The Magic Number is 15

O.J. Simpson was recently found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery stemming from an incident in Las Vegas this past year. O.J. and an accomplice targeted the distributors of some of his own sports memorabilia that Simpson claimed they stole.

O.J addressed the courts with him and his lawyers asking for a minimum sentence, which is 6 years in jail. His story of the situation seemed to be somewhat practiced as he spoke seeming to be near tears, but I don’t want to assume, seeing that the maximum is life in prison. O.J is 61 years old so any length of time is a big deal. The family of Ron Goldman also attended this event still seeking justice for his murderm, which O.J. Simpson was acquitted of.

After hearing his statements and a brief statment from his legal team, the judge made it clear she was not taking in to account any previous wrong doings of O.J. and nobody should use this as a way to make right the fact he was not convicted of the criminal murder of Nicole Simson and Ronald Goldman. Mr. Stewart  O.J’s accomplice was senteced to a total of 15 years. O.J. Simpson himself was sentenced to 15 years with eligibility of parole after 5 years, as well as 2, 1-6 consecutive sentences. He will be spending at least 8-10 years in prison.

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