Hip Hop’s Official Representative in Government

russell-barackWith the inevitable notion that Obama’s presidency will have an affect on Urban communities, I think an important issue has yet to be addressed politically. That is the role Hip Hop will play in the revitalizing of our urban communities through the political agenda. Most importantly how will Obama’s influence meet with the influence hip hop/rap already has within those communities. Or whether or not they will even be able to work together.

The preconceived notion is that hip hop/rap music is having a negative effect on urban communities by promoting violence, highlighting the value of money, degrading women, etc…But is seen as one of the primary sources of media and entertainment in these communities, often referred to as the voice of the community. So why not represent the community?With the possibility of Jay Z running for Mayor in 2009, that would definitely put Hip Hop in politics.

So how can these two influential power sources come together for the good of urban communities nationwide? I think there needs to be an official position within the current political system that represents the hip hop culture, identifies its full reach and potential to better America. I’m thinking something like an Ambassador, of create a Department of Intercultural Affairs,lol, that actually sounds kinda right. Who would head up that kind of operation?  I think its definitely needed. Maybe Russell Simmons? What Do you think?

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