Big Sean Brings Out Jhené Aiko & YG, During Inspiringly Amazing Lollapoolaza Performance

Big Sean brings out special guest and his pregnant girlfriend, Jhené Aiko during his Saturday evening set on the T-Mobile main stage for the third day of Lollapalooza on July 30, 2022. Photo courtesy of Greg Noire

Despite not being one of the headliners of Lollapalooza this year. Big Sean was still one of the most anticipated performances of this year’s latest edition of the world-renowned music festival in Chicago’s famed Grant Park. With good reason too. As his performance more than lived up to the hype. Delivering easily one of the best performances of the festival so far.

Playing the main T-Mobile stage. Sean came out to to his singles Paradise and Why Would I Stop? Getting the crowd hype as he very smoothly transitioned into covers of his verses on his G.O.O.D. Music collaborations, Mercy and Clique. Telling and thanking the crowd for rocking with him and the rest of his former G.O.O.D. Music family throughout the beginning of his career. Sean got the crowd even more hype as he brought out Westcoast rapper, YG. Who had performed earlier in the day. To perform YG’s 2018 smash single, BIG BANK. That features Sean and 2 Chainz. Him thanking YG for coming out to perform the record and get the crowd going even more. Asking the crowd, “If they enjoyed the performance to thank YG with a, ‘Heck yes!’ As well. Which they did.

Sean would then go into his singles Wolves and Moves. That really got the crowd going and moving again. Before Sean gave one of his several short speeches he did throughout the performance. Saying how important Chicago was to him in the beginning of his career without naming Ye and how helpful Chicago has been for him througout his whole career. As well as how important Lollapalooza was to him and really still is. Because of now being able to play the festival twice. After playing so many smaller stages around Chicago towards the beginning of his career. Sean then going into My Last and Play No Games. Before getting the crowd really hype again. As he went into a cover of Chief Keef’s, I Don’t Like.

The Detroit emcee then delivered a speech about how there was a time in his career. When he was counted out by many. Just like he has been a lot recently. Before delivering not only one of highlights of his performance, but of the whole festival so far. When he then brought out his pregnant girlfriend, Jhené Aiko. For her first performance since they announced last month she was pregnant. Them performing Sean’s Aiko featured records, Beware and I Know. Jhené showing despite being pregnant she hasn’t lost a step performing. Her angelic vocals still sounding as beautiful as ever. While Sean towards the middle and end of the performance showed loved to their unborn child. Having intimate moments. Rubbing and kissing on her belly. While also thanking Jhené for being able to go through some of the hoops she had to. So she can make it out to perform. Such an intimate portion of the performance with Sean.

While it didn’t top bringing out Jhené. Sean also did perform a portion of a new song. From one of several new projects he said he was working on. Which the pretty packed crowd actually took a liking to. Though him playing such energetic singles as, Dance (A$$) and All Me. Prior to that. I am sure definitely helped as well.

Sean would close out his very inspiring and amazing set with his heartfelt single, Blessings. As well as his hit singles, I Don’t Fvck with You and Bounce Back. Even saying at one point about how you should never stop dreaming no matter what career, field or job. You are in. If you have a hobby that you are passionate about and want to eventually make into an actual job. No matter how many bumps in the road, hard times and other things. That may seem to try to stop you. Don’t ever stop. Keep going.

Like he did in his debut Lollapalooza performance back in 2017. I am sure Sean not only let me, myself. But I am sure several others. Feeling even more inspired again. To pursue their dreams and aspirations to their own success even more. Than what they already have.