J. Cole Gives Stellar Headlining Performance For Day 3 of Lollapalooza

J. Cole performs during his Saturday headlining set on the T-Mobile main stage for the third day of Lollapalooza on July 30, 2022. Photo courtesy of Brandy Fik

It should be no surprise that Chicago’s Grant Park was filled with virtual no space for anybody for headliner J. Cole. On Saturday evening. During his stellar headlining set on the T-Mobile main stage. For day three of Lollapalooza’s latest edition of the world-renowned music festival.

Coming out to more of his most recent material. Such as 95 . south, amari, my . life and 100 . mil’. Cole went so effortlessly through each track. Truly showing his growth as an emcee with the way he was so effortlessly able to give his all with each new track and verse. Cole even doing something he hasn’t really done much till recently. By bringing out other performers during his set. As he brought his Dreamville Records artist, Bas out to perform his verse on the latter track. Also bringing Bas out again later with J.I.D. For the latter to perform his verses from the very energetic Dreamville single, Down Bad. As well as J.I.D & Cole’s very crazy single, Stick. Off Dreamville’s Gangsta Grillz mixtape they released back in March.

Cole would ask the lights to be lowered as he went into his 2014 Forest Hills Drive standout tracks, A Tale Of 2 Citiez, Fire Squad and G.O.M.D. Really getting the packed crowd, rapping and singing along even more. As he went into his hit single, Wet Dreamz. Cole then saying how the next track. Was his favorite song he has ever did. As he proceeded to sit down on a stool. Before going into the very heartfelt, Love Yourz. Cole then going into another small speech about remembering how difficult it is. Going on a journey as an artist on one of the smaller stages. Before making it to the bigger stage and eventually becoming a headliner. Like most artists dream of, but not all are fortunate to be able to do. Cole himself fortune to have headlined not just once, but twice now. His speech the perfect segue into his heartfelt hit single, Nobody’s Perfect.

The Roc Nation emcee. Keeping the crowd rapping and singing along to a very good time. As he went into several more of his hit singles. That were more so for his “Day One” fans, who knew these records. Such as Work Out, Can’t Get Enough, Power Trip and Planez. Really well. The packed crowd singing and rapping along some of the most enthusiastically. For the Jeremih-assisted, Planez. Obviously cause of Jeremih being from Chicago. That moment only possibly being topped had Jeremih actually come out. Which he unfortunately didn’t. Though there was a funny moment from it. When Cole was rapping and singing. With the crowd also rapping and singing the catchy lyrics with him. Saying how he always forgets one portion of the song.

We then got to the portion of his set. Where Cole started to acknowledge his Dreamville material even more. Going into his Dreamville Records compilation album, Revenge of the Dreamers III. Opening track, Under the Sun. Before going into the single, Down Bad. Embracing his Dreamville artist Bas. As they went into Bas & Cole’s recent single, The Jackie. That has the crowd seeing which side can be the loudest. Between Cole and Bas.

Cole would also do a cover of the 21 Savage single, a lot. That he is featured on and is still always a crowd favorite. For fans to hear Cole perform his killer guest verse. They like to rap along to. Before closing out with MIDDLE CHILD and still one of Cole’s biggest records to date, No Role Modelz. That had the fully-packed crowd. Truly rapping and singing there all to. As Cole gave a much more dope, complete and better performance. Compared to the last time he headlined Lollapalooza back in 2016. Which goes to show how much Cole, himself. Has also grown as a performer and emcee in that time too.