Nao Debuts Beautifully Colorful & Artsy New Video, Messy Love

A little over a month after dropping her beautifully soulful latest single, Messy Love. Singer, Nao, returns today with its beautifully colorful and artsy new Lissette Donkersloot-directed accompanying video.

Debuted just a few short hours ago through Vevo. It opens with, Nao, in beautifully stunning colorful long dress to go with beautifully long hair. Standing in a field with a moon backdrop and dancers dancing along. As she sings about trying to avoid a messy love. Also changing into a just as beautifully colorful stunning yellow dress. With butterflies flying alongside her. As, Nao, sings so gently with her sugary soulful and unique vocals. The beautifully infectious melodies and simple straight to the point. Very relatable lyrics.

The very beautifully colorful visual. With all of its unique symbolism, mystique, futuristic vibes and beautiful artsiness. Really helping bring what was already a very beautifully amazing soothing and soulful record. That much more to life. Just when you think it couldn’t be. To also show what a truly great core to the artist that, Nao, is. That really knows how to put the, ART, in artist in a way not too many other’s can.

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