Chicago’s Very Own Femdot & Saba Are Here For A Lifetime, In Beautifully Shot & Captured New Video, Lifetime

Chicago’s very own Femdot and Saba are here for a lifetime. As they head out to Los Angeles in the new Jon LeVert-directed video for their very beautifully soulful Monte Booker and Nabeyin co-produced, Lifetime. That was released as part of Femdot’s Buy One, Get One Free Vol. 1 double single project. Which he released last November.

The very beautifully shot and captured new visual. That was also shot by Mason Adams, finding both Chicago emcees enjoying the scenery overlooking the mountains. As well as catching up at an amusement park and cruising L.A. While they rap/sing the very beautiful lyrics and chorus to the record. That also shows why Femdot and Saba are two of the best emcees coming from the Chicago area right now. Even despite not always getting their full just due as so.