Justine Skye Premieres Inventively Creative New Video/Single, Intruded

Very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Justine Skye has been dropping a lot of dope material since connecting with legendary producer, Timbaland. About a year ago. Right before dropping her first independent album, Bare with Me.

Connecting in a most unusual way. Skye and Timbaland have been working on material for the singer’s upcoming highly-anticipated next solo album, Space & Time. Which is all produced by the legendary super producer. With one of the newest singles from that project, Intruded. Being premiered tonight. A very soulfully amazing record that interpolates Ginuwine’s classic, So Anxious. That was also produced by Timbaland.

The new record, which finds Skye singing about a love she feels is being intrusive and makes her feel vulnerable. Really let’s the singer show off her very amazingly soulful voice and vocals. As well as the undeniably great chemistry that both Skye and Timbaland have together. That makes you almost feel like you’re watching Timbaland and Aaliyah again. But a modern day version.

The Nina Holmgren-directed accompanying video that Skye also premiered with it. A very inventively creative one that finds her being intruded on throughout the new visual. From everyone from Bella Hadid to Lil Yachty, and Timbaland. With Skye going through a plethora of amazingly creative looks. That includes everything from a piece of plastic wrap to an all-black leather outfit. As well as showing plenty of outdated pieces of technology throughout the new visual. Really helping bring the record to life.

Skye so boldly kicking off her 2021 by letting everyone know from her music to her singing, songwriting, voice and visuals. Why she’s one of the most pure artists in all of music right now. Who truly puts the ART in artist.