Kiana Ledé Drops Beautiful New Visualizer, For, Youth feat. Gary Clark Jr., Updates KIKI

One of the more talented singers and songwriters to emerge over the past several years from the recent crop of great young R&B/Soul artists. Is Los Angeles-based, but originally born in Phoenix, Arizona, singer, songwriter and actress. As well as sometimes pianist, Kiana Ledé.

Releasing her highly-anticipated debut album, KIKI, on her 23rd birthday back in April of this year. Ledé other than releasing the very beautifully alluring video for easily one of the albums best records, Crazy, back in July. Has otherwise been pretty quiet.

That all changed yesterday and recently though. As Ledé released through Vevo, a very beautiful new Sasha Guimarães-directed visualizer for, Youth. That features a guitar solo from the very talented Gary Clark Jr. The new visualizer finding Ledé alone at home. As she shows off her beautifully youthful amazing looks in just a long white shirt with her signature long braids, as well as in just a bra and panties. The new visualizer also finding Ledé showing off her beautifully youthful amazing voice. As she sings the very beautifully vulnerable lyrics about the things her and many other men and women have gone through in their youth. That so many of us can truly relate to and hits home even more for so many in quarantine too.

The new visualizer one of seven very beautifully amazing and true work of art new visualizers Ledé and Guimarães collaborated on. For the seven new tracks from the updated deluxe version of, KIKI. That Ledé just released for what was already one of the top R&B/Soul albums released this year too.