Jorja Smith Debuts Beautifully Powerful New Video, By Any Means

A week and a half ago, Jorja Smith, released what has become easily one of my new favorite songs. With her very powerful and soul-bearing Ezrah-produced protest song and single, By Any Means. A song so empowering, beautifully honest and unequivocally and deadly impactful. It brings Smith’s angelic and mesmerizingly unique voice, as well as truthfully painful lyrics and message of change we want through not only song, but action. One that truly transcends art to bring about and fully deliver the powerfully inspiring, as well as uplifting message we all want to bring about a better world for us all. Smith showing through her angelic, beauty, spirit and soul. That’s just as angelic, beautiful and powerful as her voice/lyrics and message. Which is truly highlighted in her just debuted powerful new Otis Dominique and Ellington Hammond co-directed video. That she premiered just a few short hours ago through Vevo for the powerfully impactful record. That through the up close shots of Smith singing the beautifully powerful and uplifting lyrics. To her showing the very beautiful diversity of black families, mixed families, small and big families. Just standing together and being themselves, to stand for what they stand for. So beautifully and unapologetically without conflict. Really brings the very beautifully and powerful message and song even more to life. At a time we can all truly use that love, hope and inspiration by any means we can. It’s why Smith shows once again. When it comes to some of the best artists of our time that can truly transcend art through not only music, song and visuals, but action and message as well. There’s not really many that can do it as good or better as Smith does. Which is why she’s also among mine and so many others favorite artists. If not absolute favorite artist at the moment.