Yuna Debuts Dreamy & Beautiful New Video, For, Castaway ft. Tyler, The Creator

Malaysian International Pop superstar, Yuna, released her latest critically-acclaimed solo album, Rouge, back in July and on the heels of our own recent review of the album, she debuted earlier today, the Adam Sinclair-directed video for her Tyler, the Creator collaboration, Castaway.  The new visual, which premiered a little over eight hours ago through BET Soul/BET Her by way of Vevo and is already her fifth music video from the album, is a very beautiful and dreamy one that finds the very talented and beautiful singer/songwriter, serving such beautiful and classy looks of pure beauty and talent, as she sings the dreamy smooth and soothingly chill lyrics about a love she’s so far from now it feels like, “A castaway.” 

One of our favorite records from the album, the new visual, which is by far not only one of the best music videos to drop this year, but of Yuna’s short, but already illustrious career.  Finds the singer alone in her home and implying that even when she’s in her own home as the lyrics suggests, she still feels like, “A castaway.”

With different things, like empty clothes and heels on the floor of her bedroom, empty clothes next to a kitchen table with a full plate of food on the table, painful reminders of a love that she once had.  Which makes her feel like she’s a castaway even in her own home.  The dim light that comes into her house, as she sings with her velvety and dreamy voice the very smooth and reflective lyrics, as she sits in a chair and walks around the house reflecting this love she once had, really helping bring the beautiful and dreamy feel of the record truly to life.  In such a brilliant and stunning way that only a true artist like her and her husband Sinclair, are able to consistently do so well together when they collaborate on music videos like this.

Tyler’s appearance throughout parts of the visual just icing on the cake to go along with the brilliantly twist-turning end, which also involves, “the light” that you have to see to believe.  The great lighting throughout the clip really helping make the new visual so beautifully stunning and dreamy too.  It really shows why from her actual music to her almost always stunningly beautiful and amazing music videos, great live performances and everything else in between, Yuna, is easily one of the best pure artists and talents in music right now.  Which is why she’s also among our favorite artists at right now and has been for a few years now.