BJ The Chicago Kid & Offset Not Worryin’ Bout Haters In Flashy & Fly New Video, Worryin’ Bout Me

Motown Records singer and songwriter BJ the Chicago Kid isn’t worryin’ bout what others think in the flashy and fly new video for his newest single, Worryin’ Bout Me.  Premiered just a few short hours ago through Vevo, the new visual finds BJ in a warehouse with a bevy of fine young women dripped in gold, as he sings the very catchy hook about how others worryin’ bout him ain’t going to help them make no money.  While his Motown labelmate Offset, who is also featured with a surprisingly dope couple of guest versee on the record also joins him in the fly and flashy new video that has both showing how fly and flashy they get to show they ain’t worried bout what others think.  This is definitely an anthem to show haters or anybody who doubt’s you, you ain’t worryin’ bout what they think cause you still going to do you.  With it’s very catchy hook and BJ, as well as Offset’s very fly and flashy style to go with the beautifully golden women surrounding BJ throughout, the new visual definitely helps brings that fly and flashy style to flex to the haters you aren’t worryin’ bout them on the new single truly to life too for what’s by far one of my favorite music videos so far this year.