God Had Something To Do With Mila J Delivering Yet Another Timeless EP, November 2018

Thank you God for Mila J.  The Los Angeles singer/songwriter and dancer, God willingly, has really delivered timeless music throughout much of 2018 and just when you think she couldn’t top herself, she does it yet again.  As we enter the final month of the year, such is the case with her latest EP in her year-long monthly EP releases, the appropriately titled, November 2018, which came just before November flipped to December last Friday night.

Delivering what’s easily the top two or three of all the EP’s, the L.A. native once again gives us a glimpse into her real life love life and how it has transpired over the last year throughout the record.  Kicking off with the very emotional transparent, Chemistry.  Which finds Mila over the very acoustic guitar backdrop sings about how she feels the chemistry she found in love is not from an atom such as there is in science, but from the God given story of Adam and Eve.  The simple, yet real chorus of, “This can’t just be chemistry.  God has something to do with this.  God has something to do with this.  Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God.  Thank you God for love,” really hitting home for so many.  That than perfectly segues into the very piano-laden, Unconditional.  In which the singer sings about how unconditional love has to be with anybody that wants to be in a relationship and true love with her.

Like all of her EP’s throughout the year (sans January), MIGH-X, shows up as Mila’s lone feature on, Back With My Ex.  Which sees the singer giving yet another standout performance that’s sure to be a favorite for many.  That so perfectly segues into one of my favorite records on the project with, Nobu.  Which finds the singer trying to give advice to women who act like, “a thot” just cause they want to be with someone who has money and could be a fvckboy, even if they have money.  But they’re blinded to it cause they want to be with that man to experience the lavish and expensive lifestyle he provides them.  Even still with Mila trying to for worn them about, “Nobu.”

On her very timeless latest EP, Mila shows not only how much she has grown as an artist over this last year, but as an amazing young woman too.  Showing how much her love for herself as Jamila has really helped her grow and so deeply mature in her love life, personal, as an artist, with family, friends and all aspects of her life.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist grow not only in their art, but actual life throughout a year in the way that she has this year and I can’t wait to see how she closes it out with her final EP at the end of this month and what she does beyond this year to have it help her to grow and mature even more.