Alessia Cara Goes Through Growing Pains Of Adulthood In New Video, Growing Pains

Grammy Award-winning singer Alessia Cara goes through the growing pains of adulthood in the eerie and somewhat dark new video for her anthemic latest single, Growing Pains.  Another stadium-type big record we’ve come to expect from Cara that’s sure to be yet another Pop-hit, as she sings about the growing pains one goes throughout the life of not only a popular world-renowned music artist like herself, but that one goes throughout life and in particular adulthood as well.  The new visual, which premiered earlier today through Vevo shows the R&B/Pop star waking up by herself in a delicate sound bed wearing an oversized grey t-shirt dress, before she goes through a crowd of what appears to be mask-wearing, grey-suited and corporate adults, who are pushing her around intercepting her every move she tries to make.  Almost as if they’re metaphorically trying to make Cara unwittingly became a part of a larger system she doesn’t want to be apart of, they even wheel her over to a medical table to prepare her to receive her own grey suit.  A very metaphorically shot video that has a lot more blues and greys contrasts compared to the bursts of colors and personality we usually see in her visuals, Cara makes adulthood seem like a nightmare she’s going through in the new visual.  Which is yet another great video that we’ve come to expect from the Canadian native, but you have to fully watch till the end to see everything unfold and understand.  The new visual like the actual lead single from her upcoming highly-anticipated sophomore album, The Pains of Growing, mostly sticking to the theme of facing young adulthood and all the growing pains one goes throughout those stages of life.  You can watch the new visual below and expect some of Cara’s most vulnerable and personal records to date in the coming months leading to the release of her highly-anticipated sophomore album.