Nikki Jean Returns With Eye-Opening New Comeback Single/Video, People & Planes

Nearly four years since we last heard new music from her, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Nikki Jean is back in a major way with her brand new comeback single, People & Planes.  Along with it’s very eye-opening new self-directed video, which she co-directed with Double-O (whom she also co-wrote and co-produced the song with) for the very guitar-driven smooth new slow jam, it finds Jean singing metaphorically about how people and planes have lead to so many unnecessary wars, guns, bombs, violence and especially now in this current climate we are living in and it seems so regular, when it really shouldn’t be.  It’s also the St. Paul, Minnesota-bred singers first release under her legendary homestate of Minnesota’s famed label, Rhymesayers Entertainment.  Jean’s very amazing talented voice and songwriting being one that’s really needed in times like now, this new comeback single couldn’t have come at a better time from the beautifully talented artist.