New Sonyae Elise & Lil Yachty – U Was Wrong

When a woman is fed up, there’s no going back and you know you was definitely wrong.  That’s definitely the case on Sonyae Elise’s appropriately titled new record, U Was Wrong.  A moody collaboration with Lil Yachty, were the New Jersey singer/songwriter remakes Yachty’s Rewind record into a female version.  As she goes back and forth with Yachty on who was wrong in the broken relationship, singing such toxic and raw lyrics as, “Thought I had the one, thought you had the one.  I was wrong, you was right, yea I am the one.  You was out here playin’ with our situation.  Ain’t no love lost n*^#a, yea I’m fkin’ done.”  Listen the rest of the rest of the toxic lyrics of the broken relationship play out when you listen to the nice reworking below.