New Video Joe Budden – I Wanna Know feat. Stacy Barthe

Arguably one of the dopest lyricists and possibly even emcees of all-time, Joe Budden dropped last month, what could arguably be his best album to date with Rage & The Machine.  Earlier today Joey decided to revisit the album by giving us the very reflective and emotional new video for his latest single, the just as emotional and reflective, I Wanna Know featuring Stacy Barthe.  In the moving visual, Joe is in a darkroom where he watches the pictures of his life develop right before his eyes, as he reflects and rhymes about all the trials and tribulations he has overcome in his life.  Even more specifically about his son, who the record is mostly about and who even joins Joe in the video to see and hear him drop knowledge about him and how their relationship has developed over the years, from practically not being there, to now, where Joe lets his son know he will always be there for him.  You can watch the very emotionally moving video, which may even make you shed or almost shed a tear with how powerfully moving it is and it really brings the instantly classic record to life.