New Video KING – Native Land

Earlier today Grammy Award-winning trio KING, premiered their trippy, but stunningly amazing new Filip Anthonissen-directed video for Native Land through The FADER.  Staying true to their artistic vision of utilizing visual art and 3-D illustrations, this is the third installment in the Los Angeles natives animated video series of visuals from their critically acclaimed debut album, We Are King, which dropping earlier this year.  The very artistic and dreamy visual with it’s Simba, Mufasa and The Lion King, “The Circle of Life” type vibe really brings the amazing fantasy-like aesthetic of the jazzy record to life with how amazingly executed the ladies and Filip bring it to life through the perfectly animated concept that has the ladies pay homage to the before-and-after world through the constantly changing landscapes of the world.  All while also giving a deeper stronger sense of the beauty that blossoms from the pain that the self goes through, to evolve into a newfound strength that paves way for a more progressive future.  As one of the twin sisters of the group Paris Strother said through e-mail the inspiration for the video was, “For ‘Native Land,’ we collaborated with Filip Anthonissen to imagine a visual journey through the landscapes of birth, life, and death, paying homage throughout to every person’s unique ancestral story.  We love the surreal quality of this video – it’s been incredible to work with a series of artists who contribute so much to the narrative and bring the songs to life.”  Which is what the girls and Filip really do by symbolically showing us the true circle of life through the surreal incredible quality of such an incredible body of art, which matches so perfectly with easily one of the best songs I have ever recorded and brings the song that much more to life and that you can watch below.

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