9 Dead In Act Of Domestic Terrorism; Shooter Identified as Dylann Roof

Our hearts are heavy as we continue to learn more information of the tragic incident of domestic terrorism that occurred last night in Charleston, sovaldi SC where 9 innocent people were gunned down at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, buy  including State Senator Clementa Pinckney who was the pastor.

Details have emerged early this morning identifying the lone shooter as 21 year old Dylan Roof who is reportedly from the Columbia,  SC area according to various media sources.

Racial tension has been surging across America as the killing of unarmed people of color  by authority figure has called into question the true practice of equality in our country. Similarly in this instance outrage is continuing to stir up all over the country as it pertains to how the media has handling this emergency, as opposed to other coverage of mass violence perpetrated by suspects of color. The media prematurely identified the suspect as being “mentally ill” and nothing else without factual information about the suspDylan Roofect.  The lack of willingness of media to identify this as an act of Terrorism is baffling, even after the Chief of Police called this incident a hate crime.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the community of Charleston, SC, the church, and the families of the victims.


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