Mercy vs. Justice

MacAskill CNN Interview with Wolfe Blitzer

Moammar Gadhafi comes home to the cheers and applause of a joyous Libyan nation while here in the U.S the media journalists and the families of those murdered in the 88′ bombing of Pan Am flight 103 cry out in confusion and frustration. They ask that justice be served and state that mercy has been misplaced by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill . But I can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t exactly what mercy is supposed to be? Mercy isn’t convenient or easy. It’meant to push us and make us feel uneasy and unsure in what we’re doing. If it was a simple act then we’d see more of it.

If the medical diagnosis holds true then this terrorist, Gadhafi, has about 90 days of life left. The masses, if they had their way, would see him die in pain and agony in an isolated cell for his heinous crimes and I can’t say I disagree. But a good thing was done to the very bad person. In the video above, the usually fair and calm Wolfe Blitzer seems clearly confused about the decision Mac Askill has made and repeatedly questions if he is sure of his move and his now “infamous place in history”. Mac Askill never changes his tune and stands sure in what he feels is a true show of the quality of people he represents. He willing has shown compassion to a person who showed none to the 270 people he killed.

I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t have made that decision either. But I will not attack, question or crucify this official. Instead I will applaud him for being a much bigger man then me. Vengence is easy, Mercy is difficiult and some where in the middle we try to place justice. I think Mr MacAskill got it right and it will be a powerful lesson learned to those who’s eyes are not too red with rage to see it.

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