Instagram Returns To Previous TOS After Online Backlash

Apparently the voice of the “people” has been heard by the powers that be at Instagram. The past 24 hrs was full of angry online posts, medical blogs and tweets about the new terms of service agreement Instagram was putting into effect. Most disturbing to users was a clause of implied intentions to use personally posted images for commercial gain without the need to contact the person posting the image or compensate them. In truth the difference in wording between the original and new TOS was minor but it was enough to work the Internets into enough of a frenzy that Instgram cofounder Kevin Systrom addressed the situation.

“…in the future the company will “take the time to complete our plans, rx and then come back to our users and explain how we would like for our advertising business to work” rather than springing changes on users through terms of service updates.”

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