Loyalty in Pro Sports is a Rarity

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and as is always the case, many players changed teams but a few notables remained lock with their respective clubs. The biggest piece on the board, that had many NBA franchises on pins and needles was Orlando Magic All NBA center Dwight Howard. Once the looming fear of a canceled season evaporated, the focus went straight to the broad shoulders of this era’s basketball Superman. Having already stated that he intended to test free agency in the summer 2012, the Oralndo Magic and every other team w/ interest played the waiting trying to take the best read on where Dwight wanted to play. In the past 3-4 days the All Star did little to help anyone.

Many expected Howard to be traded by Thursday’s deadline so the Magic wouldn’t end up with a repeat of Shaq leaving them empty handed when he left for the Lakers. But, as the time got shorter it would seem the heart strings got a little tight and Dwight sent out a number of conflicting reports about wanting to stay, not wanting to stay, thus stopping all negotiations in their tracks. As it would end up, Dwight did stay agreeing to finish the final year of his contract in Orlando. He expressed that Loyalty to the city kept him there (only for a year) but hey it is what it is.

Most interesting was the reply of fellow All Star Dwayne Wade….

Considering Wade is buddies and teammates with Lebron James and Wades stance during the lockout, its understandable how “loyalty” talk could get a laugh from him. Is his amusement legit though? People cry about a lack of loyalty from players everytime they leave a team they’ve been on for a certain amount of years but what about the the player that isn’t on the cover of the media guide or isn’t in the commercial. How many players pivotal to the teams success get traded to save money? No one blinks at that, but the moment player want control over their own futures then it’s a problem? Loyalty can’t be conditional. Show it the onbe as you show it to others. If not then be honest with the situation. As long as all parties involved help produce wins and money it’s all good. It’s business and should never be personal.


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