MCA of the Beastie Boys’ Beats Cancer

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, also known as MCA, has been cleared of cancer by doctors.

Using Chinese medicine and herbal remedies prescribed by Tibetan doctors and a purely vegan diet, the 46-year-old MC is looking at possibly going on tour in the near future.

While the group remains positive about their upcoming project titled Hot Sauce Committee, Part 1, touring is dependent on MCA becoming strong enough to perform throughout the rigorous touring schedule.

Mike D said the news of MCA’s recovery was, “a good thing” and added “we’re really happy about it.”

While Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 is “still delayed,” fans can expect to hear more new music from the Beastie Boys as the group prepares to release the second part of  Hot Sauce Committee shortly.

(All Hip Hop)

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