Formal House “Disapproval” of Joe Wilson Could Mirror Final Heath Care Vote [Video]


The Democratic House has decided it’s time to discipline Joe Wilson after all. After some indecision, the House leadership has decided that sometime today they are going to bring a “resolution of disapproval” to the floor of the House for a vote because of Wilson’s school yard outburst yelling “you lie” at President Obama during his speech to a joint session of congress.

While most Republicans at the time condemned Wilson for his town hall conservative imitation, its believed that most if not all Republicans will vote against the resolution, showing once again that they will quickly ditch their principles in favor of politics.

According to most of them at the time, they considered Wilson’s behavior disgraceful, but now it seems they want to give disgrace a chance.

The reason for the Republicans about face is clearly that Wilson has become a hero of the ignorant class in America, who, let’s be honest, deserve a voice in congress as much as anyone. What they don’t deserve is to run things which is why they don’t.

Wilson reportedly has raised over $2 million in campaign contributions since his “you lie” outburst and has gotten the support of people like Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators who have applauded him for “standing up” to Obama.

Wilson, who after his outburst was as contrite as a schoolboy who had put a lizard in the teachers desk, called the White House and said he was really,really sorry. The House leadership has demanded a formal apology to the House but Wilson now says he is through apologizing.

The reason for Wilson’s new unrepentant attitude is the $ 2 million in campaign contributions since his outburst and his folk hero status with the town hall lunatic crowd and like a typical politician, Wilson will blow with the political wind and follow the money.

Wilson still hasn’t been able to prove his original contention that any of the bills would allow illegal immigrants to get health care benefits and in fact the bills specifically prohibit it. And there is no record of Wilson offering any amendments or language to any of the bills that would satisfy him that illegal’s wont receive health care benefits. But doing that would have actually been constructive and that’s not his game.

The vote today on the resolution of disapproval is probably the swan song for conservatives and opponents of health care reform. It is a virtual certainty that the “disapproval vote” is going to pass and that it will exactly mirror the House votes on any health care reform bill since Republicans are lined up against it.

So the resolution of disapproval against Wilson is not only going to be a swan song for opponents of health care reform, as far as the actual health care bill is concerned the disapproval vote will be The Fat Lady warming up.

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